North East Structure Symposium (NESS)

NESS was started by myself as a cheap & cheerful one-day structural biology symposium / social event, to bring together local talent & expertise in the North East area. A different topic in structural biology is selected for each year’s symposium. Suggestions for topics and for improving the symposium are always welcome (


NESS 2020, Saturday Oct 24, 2020 (virtual): Structural Biology of Host-Pathogen Interactions (click here for meeting site)

The Site for the NESS conference is here

Past conference flyers:

NESS_04: NMR Perspectives on Biological Problems (Andrei Alexandrescu & Jeff Hoch)

NESS 05: Structural Perspectives on Membrane Proteins (Debra Kendall & Arlene Albert)

NESS 06: Molecular Assemblies (Glenn King & Carolyn Teschke)

NESS 07: Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions (Victoria Robinson & Jeff Hoch)

NESS 08: Computational Approaches to Structural Biology (Mike Gryk & Jose Gascon)

NESS 09: Structural Biology of Host-Virus Interactions (James Cole & Sandra Weller)

NESS 10: Biophysics of Protein Folding and Misfolding  (Andrei Alexandrescu & Peter Burkhard)

NESS 11: The Structural Basis of Drug Resistance: (Amy Anderson & Celia Schiffer)

NESS 12: Protein Dynamics: From Folding to Function (Dmitry Korzhnev & Olga Vinogradova)

NESS 13: Structural Biology of Cancer  (Irina Bezsonova& Victoria Robinson)

NESS 14: Structural Biology of Inflamation (Jeff Hoch & Olga Vinogradova)

NESS 15: Structural and Dynamics of Intrinsically Unfolded Proteins (Andrei Alexandrescu & Eric May)

NESS 16: New Paradigms in Drug Discovery (Jeff Hoch & Sandra Weller)

NESS 17: Through the Looking Glass: Inspecting Biological Processes by CryoEM (Carolyn Teschke, Vikki Robinson & Irina Bezsonova)

NESS 18: Biomolecular Design and Structure Prediction (Adam Schuyler & Eric May)

Structural Biology of Host Pathogen Interactions (James Cole & Melissa Caimano)


NESS 2021 will be announced in Spring or Summer 2021