Our three Most Recent Publications – and interesting “behind the scenes” stories

1) Mitchell, W., Tamuchi, J.D., Ng, E.L., Liu, S., Birk, A.V., Szeto, H.H., May, E.R., Alexandrescu, A.T. & Alder, N.N. (2022) “Structure activity relationships of mitochondria-targeted tetrapeptide pharmacological compounds”, eLife, in press.


A collaboration with the Alder lab on structure-function relationship of cation/basic tetrapeptides that have therapeutic potential to ameliorate mitochondrial diseases and disorders. NMR structures of the membrane-bound peptides were obtained using transferred-NOEs. The Alexandrescu lab's first foray into things mitochondrial. 


2) Whitehead, R. III, Teschke, C.M., & Alexandrescu, A.T (2022) “Pulse-field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance of protein translational diffusion from native to non-native states”, Protein Sci 31, e4321.

Sizing relationships by NMR in different solvents. Andrei's 50th paper since coming to UConn.


3) Kaplan, A. R, Olson, R. & Alexandrescu, A.T (2021) “Protein yoga: conformational versatility of the hemolysin II C-terminal domain detailed by NMR structures for multiple states”, Protein Sci 30, 995-1005.

NMR structures for multiple states (cis, trans, dimer) of the HlyIIC domain and their thermodynamics. This was a ridiculous amount of work! Not helped by students graduating and leaving, a raging global virus pandemic, and our most-used data analysis / curve-fitting program not working with the latest Mac operating systems! So we had to install the software on a virtual operating system from two generations ago. Every time we needed to change a number, we had to log into this virtual system. Then when Mac went from Catalina -> Big Sur, the virtual system stopped working because of Apple's security features that won't let you run any third party programs not written by Apple! So no virtual machine, and no access to the data on it! Somehow it all got sorted out but it was NO FUN !!!!




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