Our three Most Recent Publications – and interesting “behind the scenes” stories

We're going to start using this space to post our latest BioRxiv preprints (marked in purple). It takes so long to go through the journal system. Might as well post them here in the meantime.


87) Rua A.J, Mitchell, W., Claypool, S.M., Alder, N.N.  & Alexandrescu, A.T. (2024) “Perturbations in mitochondrial metabolism associated with defective cardiolipin biosynthesis: An in-organello real-time NMR study”,  bioRxiv preprint

A collaboration with the Alder lab where we use NMR to follow metabolism ... inside viable mitochondria, with or without mutations corresponding to a mitochondrial genetic disease.


86) Rua, A.J., Alexandrescu, A.T (2024) “ Formerly degenerate seventh zinc finger domain from transcription factor ZNF711 rehabilitated by experimental NMR structure",  bioRxiv preprint

During Covid lockdown one of us (Andrei) spent a lot of time staring at sequences of "degenerate" zinc fingers, that are supposed to be non-functional. We started wondering "what if"? This is the second of seven zinc fingers we're working on, that are either annotated as degenerate or not even recognized as a zinc finger. I guess even in the age of AI, you can't believe everything you read on the internet! All seven are functional and we're studying their structures and biophysics. Yes, we know with NMR and cryo-EM pushing for ever larger complexes, zinc fingers are probably seen by the community as low-hanging fruit. It turns out you can eat quite well on low-hanging fruit (within our research budget), especially if authoritative databases designate the low-hanging fruit as inedible. We think they are fascinating, which is why we keep doing new ones. Read the manuscript and see if you agree.


85) Alexandrescu, A.T, Dregni A.J. (2024) “The temperature dependence of hydrogen bonds is more uniform in stable proteins: analysis of NMR h3JNC' couplings in four protein states.", Molecules 29: 2950.

Last of the papers from Andrei's sabbatical.


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